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Best equestrian audiobooks to listen to on the go

February 15, 2021 5 min read

No time to sit down and read a good book? Then this selection of equestrian-themed audiobooks maybe just the answer as you can listen to them while you work

As equestrians our lives are often busy and we have so many things to do, so we rarely have free time to sit down and read a good book, which is why we think this amazing selection of audiobooks are just the right answer. You can learn and listen to them in the horsebox, in the car, around the yard or absolutely anywhere.

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Horseback Riding for Dummies

Horseback Riding for Dummies - Audiobook

Don't let the title fool you, Its a great audiobook for all ages, and covers the basics very well.
It covers both Western and English riding and even includes horse "etiquette" sections. Great book overall!
Listen to "Horseback Riding for Dummies" Audiobook HERE


Horses Never Lie

Horses Never Lie - Equestrian Audiobook

A revolutionary approach to the techniques of working with horses, by a renowned instructor.

In Horses Never Lie, renowned horse trainer Mark Rashid challenges the conventional wisdom of "alpha leadership" and teaches the listener to become a "passive leader" - a counterpart to the kind of horse other members of a herd choose to associate with and to follow. Applying Rashid’s principles and techniques helps cultivate horse personalities that are responsive and dependable regardless of the rider. 
Listen to "Horses Never Lie" Audiobook HERE


Seabiscuit: An American Legend

Seabiscuit - Equestrian Audiobook

The horse who came out of nowhere to become a legend.

Seabiscuit was a champion thoroughbred racehorse in the United States who became the top money winning racehorse up to the 1940s. He beat the 1937 Triple-Crown winner, War Admiral, by 4 lengths in a 2-horse special at Pimlico and was voted American Horse of the Year for 1938.
Listen to "Seabiscuit" Audiobook HERE



"The story of a great athlete"

Secretariat - Equestrian Audiobook

Secretariat is the greatest champion in horse-racing history, became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years. He also still holds the record for the fastest times in both the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes, is widely regarded as one of the greatest races in history.
Listen to "Secretariat" Audiobook HERE


The Racehorse Who Disappeared

The racehorse who disappeared - equestrian audiobook

Written and read by Clare Balding, this book is about a girl called Charlie and her reluctant racehorse, Noble Warrior, who had won the Derby and saved her family from financial ruin. But drama soon returns to Folly Farm when thieves break into the farmyard in the dead of night and kidnap Noble Warrior! With the police baffled and no trace of the prizewinning thoroughbred to be found, Charlie launches her own investigation….
Listen to "The Racehorse Who Disappeared" Audiobook HERE


Horse Crazy

Horse Crazy - Equestrian Audiobook

It may surprise you to learn that there are over seven million horses in America - even more than when they were the only means of transportation - and nearly two million horse owners. Acclaimed journalist and avid equestrian Sarah Maslin Nir is one of them; she began riding horses when she was just two years old and hasn’t stopped since. Horse Crazy is a fascinating, funny, and moving love letter to these graceful animals and the people who - like her - are obsessed with them.
Listen to "Horse Crazy" Audiobook HERE


Chosen by a Horse

How a Broken Horse Fixed a Broken Heart

Chosen by a Horse

The horse Susan Richards chose for rescue wouldn't be corralled into her waiting trailer. Instead, Lay Me Down, a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels, walked right up that ramp and into Susan's life. This gentle creature, malnourished, plagued by pneumonia and an eye infection, had endured a rough road, but somehow her heart was still open and generous. It seemed fated that she would come into Susan's paddock and teach her how to embrace the joys of life despite the dangers of living.
Listen to "Chosen by a Horse" Audiobook HERE


The Eighty-Dollar Champion

Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation

Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation - Audiobook

November 1958: the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Into the rarefied atmosphere of wealth and tradition comes the most unlikely of horses - a drab white former plow horse named Snowman - and his rider, Harry de Leyer. They were the longest of all longshots - and their win was the stuff of legend.
Listen to "The Eighty-Dollar Champion" Audiobook HERE


The Man Who Listens To Horses

The Man Who Listens To Horses - Equestrian Audiobook

Monty Roberts was 13 years old when he went off on his own to the deserts of Nevada to watch mustangs in the wild. What he learned about their methods of communication changed his life forever. This book reveals his deep love and understanding of horses.
Listen to "The Man Who Listens To Horses" Audiobook HERE



How a Blind Rescue Horse Helped Others Learn to See

Joey: How a Blind Rescue Horse Helped Others Learn to See - Audiobook

When an injury cost Joey his show career, he moved from one owner to the next, ultimately experiencing severe abuse and neglect. A rescue group found Joey nearly dead from starvation - and blind.

Then he came to Hope Reins - a ranch dedicated to helping hurting kids who had been abused, emotionally wounded, or unwanted. By teaching these children to care for rescued animals, the Hope Reins staff were convinced they could reach kids with love and hope and show them that we are never forgotten by God.
Listen to "Joey" Audiobook HERE


The Faraway Horses

The Adventures and Wisdom of America's Most Renowned Horsemen

the faraway horses audiobook

In The Faraway Horses, Buck Brannaman shares his renowned methods for horse training and provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Robert Redford's movie The Horse Whisperer, for which he was the technical adviser.
Listen to "The Faraway Horses" Audiobook HERE


Gold: My Autobiography

Gold: My Autobiography - Equestrian Audiobook

With a showjumping career spanning more than 40 years, Nick Skelton’s fame transcends the equestrian world following his fairytale Olympic individual gold medal in Rio. No other rider has won so many major competitions on so many different horses, and he is as popular at Olympia and Hickstead as he is at Aachen, Geneva, Paris and Spruce Meadows.
Listen to "Gold" Audiobook HERE


Farm Boy

Farm Boy - Equestrian Book

Joey was the last working horse on the farm, and the apple of Grandpa’s eye. In War Horse, Joey was sent away from the farm to be a warhorse in World War I. Grandpa had joined the cavalry in order to find, and fight, with Joey. Farm Boy brings us forward 50 years, with Grandpa not only telling his grandson Joey’s story, but also a ‘shameful secret’ which he has held for years – that he never learned to read and write. The story is set in Iddesleigh in Devon and lovingly evokes the bonds between farm and farmer; grandson and grandfather. The spirit of rural life is superbly captured in Michael Morpurgo’s writing.
Listen to "Farm Boy" Audiobook HERE



Mount! - Equestrian Audiobook

Jilly Cooper is most famous for writing saucy equestrian novels, known as the Rutshire Chronicals. This book is the latest of these and features a whirlwind of parties, hairdos and horses with one of fiction’s most lusted-after characters, Rupert Campbell-Black.
Listen to "Mount" Audiobook HERE